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How do I make a deposit to one of my accounts?

A member may deposit funds to all accounts using any of the following methods:

How do I withdraw cash?

You can make a withdrawal from your Dominion Credit Union account in a number of ways:

  • Visit a Dominion Credit Union branch, a Credit Union Service Center, Dominion Credit Union ATM or a CU24/CUHere ATM. Find a location or ATM near you.
  • Call our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928 to request a withdrawal check.
  • Log in to Online Banking, click on Transactions, and then “Send Check." Select which account and how much you wish to withdraw. We will automatically send you a check.
  • It’s also always free to ask for cash back when you make a purchase with your Dominion Credit Union Debit Card
  • You may also request a withdrawal check through our Private Teller phone service. 

How can I access my accounts and money if there isn't a Dominion Credit Union branch near me?

With our 24-Hour Access services and shared branches, we are as close as your computer, phone or mailbox.

24-Hour Access

  • Online Banking: Pay bills, view account balances, and transfer money
  • Mobile Banking: Deposit checks, view account activity, and pay bills
  • Mobile Wallets: Make payments with Dominion credit and debit cards
  • Private Teller: Make basic transactions, such as withdrawal checks and check account balances
  • Cash back: Get cash at stores when you use your debit card and PIN
  • Debit cards: They work just like a check, and there's no fee to use them to make purchases. Plus, your first 3 ATM withdrawals per month are free.
  • Send or receive cash with account-to-account transfers, Popmoney, or cross-account transfers

Branches & ATMs

  • Make basic teller transactions at Co-Op Shared Branches nationwide
  • Avoid fees at Dominion Credit Union, Wawa, Sheetz, and North Carolina CashPoints ATMs
  • Visit over 75,000 CU24/CUHere no-surcharge, deposit taking ATMs and certain CO-OP Shared Branch locations*

Still not sure? The Call Center can help you with any questions you have, as well as certain transactions. Reach us at 800-268-MYCU.

*Not all CO-OP Shared Branches have a CU24/CUHere no-surcharge ATM. For no-surcharge ATMs, please visit the CU24/CUHere locations. A surcharge is the ATM owner's fee; regular DCU ATM fees still apply at non-DCU ATMs.

How can I access my Credit Union account after retirement?

No matter where you are, you're never far from your money.

  • We're only a phone call away with free Private Teller 24-hour automated phone service and our Member Services call center.
  • With Online Banking, you can make transfers, pay bills, request withdrawal checks, apply for loans, open certificates, and more.
  • Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit.
  • We also offer ATM and debit cards, automatic deposits, and other eServices that make banking from anywhere easy.

How can I find out my account balance?

You can find out your account balance in a number of ways:

  • Log in to Online or Mobile Banking and view your account history.
  • Call 800.268.6928 to speak to a Member Service Representative.
  • Visit a branch, shared branch or ATM. 
  • Sign up for Private Teller and call 24 hours a day to easily manage your account. Once we have mailed you your PIN, simply call 804.771.4306 or toll-free 800.268.6928 and follow the prompts.
  • Check your balance at any ATM.

How do I change my address/name/etc.?

To change your address, simply fill out the address change form and mail it or fax it to us. You can also call us at 800.268.6928 and a Member Service Representative will be happy to help.

You can also change your address in Online Banking. Click on "Account Services," "Contact Info," update the information recorded, and click "Submit."

For other account changes, like a name change, adding services, adding/removing a joint owner, etc., you will need to fill out and sign an account change card and mail or fax it to Dominion Credit Union.

I have a joint account; does the joint owner need to sign when I make a change to the account?

You will need the joint owner’s signature to add new services, if you want that person to be joint on the service.

For certain other account changes, like updating your address, we do not require a joint owner’s signature.

How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Fill out the Account Changes and New Services form. Make sure all account owners have signed the form under “Account Ownership” AND “Account Designation.” If the joint owner is a minor, please have an adult/parent sign "signing for" and then put child's name. Mail or fax in the form to the address on the form.

Use this form to make changes to your current payroll deduction.You may also send us a signed fax or email stating the amount you would like deposited from your paycheck, which account you would like the money deposited to, and how often you are paid. Please note the change to your payroll deduction may take a pay period to show up. Payroll deduction is only available to employees of Dominion Resources.

Can I have my severance, pension and social security checks deposited at the Credit Union?

Yes! You will need the following information to get started:

Dominion Credit Union
One James River Plaza
P.O. Box 26646
Richmond, VA 23261-6646
Bank Routing (ABA) Number: 251082644
Checking account number: Your 10-14 digit number found in the middle of your checks for direct deposit into checking

If you wish to do direct deposit to your savings, your account number will be up to five digits.

How do I sign up for payroll deduction?

Once you are a member, click here to sign up for payroll deduction. You may also send us a fax or email stating the amount you would like deposited from your paycheck, which account you would like the money deposited to, and how often you are paid. Payroll deduction is only available to employees of Dominion Resources. Please note it may take a pay period for your payroll deduction to take effect.

Can I sign up for payroll deduction or direct deposit?

Yes! In fact, Dominion Credit Union gives you additional flexibility with your paycheck. Direct Deposit your entire paycheck to Dominion Credit Union or just a set amount each payday (this is called Payroll Deduction). You can also choose to have money go to your Dominion Credit Union account or loan, even if your Direct Deposit goes elsewhere.

Can I do payroll deduction or direct deposit to more than one place?

Yes, you can sign up for payroll deduction to multiple Dominion Credit Union accounts, even if you have direct deposit or payroll deduction going elsewhere, too. Dominion Resources lets employees have direct deposit to up to three accounts.

Why was my payroll deduction not taken out of my last Dominion paycheck?

For some Dominion employees there occasionally are “free pay days” Free pay days are created and controlled by the Payroll Department of Dominion Resources.

A free pay day occurs when a month has three period ending dates (a period ending date is about one week prior to the actual pay day). On a free pay day no Credit Union payroll deductions are taken. Dominion employees can access their pay schedule on the company’s intranet site.

How do I sign up for direct deposit to my Dominion Credit Union account?

Please contact your employer to sign up for direct deposit.

You will need the following information to sign up:

Dominion Credit Union
One James River Plaza
P.O. Box 26646
Richmond, VA 23261-6646
Bank Routing (ABA) Number: 251082644
Checking account number: Your 10-14 digit checking account number for deposit into checking

If you wish to do direct deposit to your savings, your account number will be up to five digits.

Most employees of Dominion Resources can also change or sign up for direct deposit by logging into ESS through My SAP WorkSpace. Dominion employees can also use the Dominion Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

How do I get a new or replacement ATM card or Debit card?

To request a new or replacement ATM or debit card, fill out the ATM Card/VISA debit card form. Mail or fax in the form to the address shown. You can also call us at 800.268.6928.

If your ATM or debit card has been lost or stolen, please call 800.268.6928, or call 888.918.7703 after hours.

Why was my debit card denied when I have money in my account?

There are a number of reasons why your debit card may have been denied/didn’t work. Please call us at 800.268.6928 to find out the exact reason.

What do I do if my ATM/Debit card was lost/stolen?

If you suspect your Dominion Credit Union debit or ATM card has been lost, stolen or is being used fraudulently, please contact us at 800-268-6928 immediately. After hours, you can report a lost/stolen card by calling 888-918-7703.

Which ATMs can I use without paying a fee?

It’s always free to use a Dominion Credit Union ATM. For your convenience we also belong to a network of CU24/CUHere ATMs, some of which are surcharge free and deposit taking. Click here to search for a CU24/CUHere ATM near you. Call us at 800-268-6928 if you have any questions about whether an ATM is surcharge free.

Members with a Dominion Credit Union debit card receive the first three ATM transactions a month free (ATM owner may still surcharge). It’s always free to make purchases and ask for cash back with your debit card.

Why is my name on my credit and/or debit card not my full name?

A new VISA® mandate requires that the length of cardholder names on VISA credit and debit cards is limited to no more than 21 characters including spaces. At the next standard reissue date, if you have not already received one, you will receive a card with a shortened version of your name.

What ATM networks can I use?

Dominion Credit Union belongs to the following networks: CUHere, CU24, Star, Plus, Member Access.

Why am I unable to use my debit card at a car rental company?

Many members of Dominion Credit Union and other credit unions have experienced duplicate large dollar amount authorizations that impact the available amounts on their cards when using auto rental companies. These sometimes require days to reconcile. Due to this poor and recurring experience, as well as excessive losses through car rental transactions, we have decided to block auto rental company transactions on our Debit Cards.

What are CU24/CUHere ATMs?

This is a network of ATMs where you can get cash, make transfers or deposits (not all ATMs are deposit taking - you will need to search for deposit-taking ATMs) and in some cases avoid surcharges. Click here to search for a list of CU24/CUHere ATMs near you.

Why is there a purchase limit when I buy gas at the pump?

As part of their fraud prevention programs, gas merchants may set dollar limits for purchases at customer-activated pumps when payment cards are used. These limits often correspond to fraud protection limits granted by various credit card vendors. In most circumstances, card companies generally protect gas merchants up to $75 for pay-at-the-pump transactions. The pay-at-pump limits are imposed by the gas merchants themselves, not by the Credit Union, and it is not specific to individual members/customers.

Members who find they exceed the $75 limit may wish to pay inside the station which may result in a higher limit, or pay for gas in multiple transactions.

How do I use a debit card?

With a debit card, you don’t need a separate ATM card. Use it at ATMs and at any merchants who accept Visa debit cards.

  • To use a debit card as an ATM card, just insert your card into the ATM and enter your PIN. The amount is immediately deducted from the account you’ve selected.
  • To use a debit card to make purchases, hit “credit” at the payment terminal and sign the receipt. Or select “debit,” enter your PIN, and sign the receipt. You can even get cash back. The amount will be deducted from your account within a day or two.

How do I reset my ATM card or debit card PIN?

Call 866-985-2273 for the Card Services Automated System. Follow the prompts to enter the information required, which you should have ready:

  • Your 16-digit card number
  • Your 10-digit day or evening phone number
  • The last 4 digits of you Social Security Number

Make sure to stay on the line to set or change your PIN. For your convenience, you will be able to choose your PIN.

Still not working? Make sure that the phone number you enter when asked is one that Dominion Credit Union has on file for you. You should always notify the Credit Union if your telephone number changes.

I am having problems opening Bill Payer. What should I do?

Log in to Online Banking, click “Bill Payer,” and then click “Bill Payment.” Just follow the prompts. Once you are enrolled, you can access Bill Payer by logging in to Online or Mobile Banking.

Is Bill Payer free?

Our Bill Payer product is free up to 50 payments per month. Bill Payer payments in excess of 50 per month will incur a $0.50 per transaction fee. Click here for more information on Bill Payer.

How do I sign up for Bill Payer?

Simply log in to Online Banking and click on “Bill Payment” and follow the prompts. Once you are enrolled, you can access Bill Payer by logging in to Online or Mobile Banking.

When are Christmas Club checks mailed?

Members who chose to have the money deposited into their Dominion checking account will have the funds November 1st. Members who opted for a check should receive it around Veterans Day.

When can I sign up for Christmas Club?

Members can open a Christmas Club account at any time of the year. For more information on Christmas Club accounts click here. To sign up for a Christmas Club account click here.

When can I make changes to my Christmas Club account?

Members can increase their payroll deduction to their Club account at any time. During the open enrollment period of November 1st and December 15th, you can reduce your payroll deductions or close your club account without incurring the handling fee. Click here for our current fees.

To increase the amount going to your Christmas Club account click here.

How do I reorder checks?

Click here to reorder your checks online. For your convenience the amount of your purchase will be deducted automatically from your account. Or simply call us at 800-268-6928 and a Member Service Representative will be happy to help.

You can also reorder checks in Online Banking. Click “Account Services” and then “Check Reorder” and follow the prompts.

What is Dominion Credit Union’s routing number?

Dominion Credit Union’s routing number is 251082644.

How do I dispute a charge on my Dominion checking or savings account?

If you feel there is an unknown charge on your Dominion checking or savings account, please contact us and report the charges, the merchant, and the dates on which they occurred. We will then close your debit or ATM card, order a new card for you, and create a provisional credit on your account.

Our fraud department will then conduct an investigation into the matter. Please keep in mind that you only have 60 days to file a claim. Due to several factors, the investigation and chargeback could take several months to a year to complete.

If you are disputing a charge (incorrect amount, incorrect merchandise, etc.) on your Dominion checking or savings account for something that you initiated, please contact the merchant and ask them to review the transaction and ask for a refund. If they don't, please contact us and complete and return the appropriate Dispute Form as soon as possible. Our dispute department will then conduct an investigation. Again, you only have 60 days to file a dispute, and the same time factors indicated above for fraud claims exist.

For credit card fraud and disputes, please see credit card FAQs.

What is a savings certificate?

A savings certificate is the same as a certificate of deposit or CD. When you open a savings certificate, you are investing a specific amount of money for a specific amount of time (known as the term). Savings certificates typically earn a higher interest rate than a basic savings account.

To learn more about our Savings Certificates click here.

To open a Savings Certificate, click here for a certificate application, log into Online Banking, or call our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928.

What is overdraft protection?

Your account is automatically signed up for free overdraft protection from your Dominion Savings. If you do not have enough money in Checking to cover a transaction, we will pull the funds to cover that transaction from your savings account. This service is now available for checks, automatic drafts, and debit card transactions. With checks and automatic drafts, the money will come over in increments of $100, or for the amount needed if your balance is below $100. With debit card transactions, we will pull the exact amount needed.

Overdraft Protection from Savings will kick in before Courtesy Pay. You are automatically opted in for Courtesy Pay on checks and automatic transfers. However, you must opt in for Courtesy Pay on Debit Card transactions.

How do I set up a Courtesy Pay alert?

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Alerts”
  4. From the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, select “History Alert.”
  5. Under “Account,” select the account you would like to monitor.
  6. Under “Transaction,” select “Description.”
  7. Under “Description,” type “Withdrawal Courtesy Pay Fee”
  8. Select a delivery method
  9. Select a frequency
  10. Click “Save”
  11. Your alert should now appear under your “History Alerts” on your “Alerts” page

What should I do if my Visa payment comes back returned to sender?

If your payment is returned to sender, please temporarily mail your payments to Dominion Credit Union.

One James River Plaza
P O Box 26646
Richmond, VA 23261-6646

Please attach a note telling the Credit Union that your payment was returned so that it can be processed correctly.

How do I report fraud or dispute charges on my credit card?

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card account, or need to dispute a charge, please contact our card provider at 1-800-449-7728 as soon as possible.

For Debit and ATM card disputes and fraud, please click here.

When do my CURewards points expire?

The expiration date of your points, and the amount of points to expire, can be found under the "CURewards Points Activity" portion of your monthly statement.

Points will expire three years from the end of the calendar year in which they are earned, and will expire on a first-in, first-out basis annually. (i.e., points earned in calendar year one will expire on the last business day of calendar year four).

What should I do if View My Visa isn’t working?

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser to open "View My Visa," try switching to Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome instead. If the problem still persists, call Member Services at 800-268-MYCU.

How do I check my credit card balance?

You can check your credit card balance by:

  • Signing in to Online Banking. Your credit card with the balance will be listed on the main page after you log in, or select "View My VISA."
  • Signing in to Mobile Banking.
  • Calling our Member Service Department at 800.268.6928.
  • Calling 800.654.7728 and follow the prompts.

If this is the first time you are checking your credit card balance in Online Banking:

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Click "View My Visa"
  3. You will be direct to the “Add Card” page. Add the information requested and click “Submit.”

How do I find out the amount due on my credit card?

  • The amount due on your credit card will be on your credit card statement each month.
  • You can also check the amount due on your credit card by logging into Online Banking.
  • You can always call us at 800-268-6928 to find out the amount due on your card.

How do I pay my credit card bill?

You can pay your credit card bill in multiple ways:

  • If you have a Dominion Credit Union checking account, you can sign up for free Bill Payer and add your Dominion credit card as a payee.
  • Log into Online Banking and sign up for online account access to your credit card. From there you can pay your bill with the “Pay Now” feature.
  • Log into Online Banking and do a quick transfer from your savings or checking account to your credit card. Please note that a quick transfer will not post to your credit card until close of business day.
  • Pay your bill through US mail using the coupon and envelope sent with your statement.
  • Pay at a Dominion Credit Union branch.

How do I access my credit card statement online?

Once you are logged into Online Banking you can view your most recent credit card transactions. You must be signed up for credit card eStatements to view past statements online.

How do I request a replacement credit card?

To request a replacement card, please call our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928.

What do I do if my credit card was lost/stolen?

If you suspect your Dominion Credit Union credit card has been lost, stolen or is being used fraudulently, please contact us at 800-449-7728 immediately or report it quickly online by logging into Online Banking and using the "View My Visa" link.

How do I check how many CURewards points I have?

Visit www.curewards.com to log in and check your CURewards point balance. You can also find your CURewards points on your credit card statement. Your points balance is also available under your credit card information in Online Banking.

Is there a fee for using my credit card in a foreign country?

Visa® will charge a 1% Foreign Transaction fee, calculated in U.S. dollars, will be imposed on all foreign transactions, including purchases, cash advances, and credits to your account. A foreign transaction is any transaction that you complete or a merchant completes on your card outside of the United States, with the exception of U.S. military bases, U.S. territories, U.S. embassies or U.S. consulates.

Purchases and cash advances made in foreign currencies will be debited from your account in U.S. dollars. The exchange rates between the transaction currency and the billing currency used for processing international transactions is a rate selected by Visa® from a range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives or the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date.

To get an indication of the rate you may receive when using your Visa card, use the Visa currency converter.

How do I redeem my CURewards points?

Visit www.curewards.com to log into CURewards and redeem your rewards. Another way to redeem points online is to log into Online Banking and access your credit card information.You can also call 800-900-6160 to redeem rewards for travel or 800-621-4112 to redeem your rewards for merchandise.

How do I apply for a credit card?

  • Log on to Online Banking and click "Loans."
  • Apply online.
  • You can also fill out a paper application. Applications may be mailed or faxed to Dominion Credit Union. You may also apply by phone by calling 800-268-6928.

How do I earn rewards points with a credit card?

When you sign up for a Platinum Rewards card, you are automatically enrolled in the CURewards™ program. You earn one point for every dollar spent with your Platinum Rewards card.

You can redeem your points for flights, cars, vacations, experiences, hotels, cruises, merchandise, and more! You can see a full list of the program’s current choices at www.cutravelrewards.com.

Unrestricted Air Travel

Redeem points for a round-trip airline ticket to any destination, on any airline, at any time with no restrictions. The U.S. 48/Canada point value will earn a $325 credit at the time of purchase toward an airline ticket from the contracted CURewards travel agency. Other credit amounts are available at different point levels. If your travel plans are flexible, you can also select from our free restricted ticket program which covers the ticket price.

Redemption of Points

35,000 points = one round-trip airline ticket to U.S. 48/Canada coach class. Other destinations are available with different point redemption amounts and options.

Terms & Conditions

Your points will expire three years from the end of the calendar year in which they are earned, and will expire on a first-in, first-out basis annually. Points and their expiration date are listed on statements. No points earned for cash advances or balance transfers. Points for returned items will be deducted from point total. Find further rules and conditions here. You can find more answers to CURewards™ FAQs here.

How do I activate my Credit Card?

Please call 800-527-7728 and follow the instructions to activate your VISA® Credit Card. To select a PIN for your Credit Card, please call 888-886-0083. (You may want a PIN for your Credit Card in order to withdraw cash at ATMS, get cash back, etc.)

How do I use an EMV chip card?

Watch this video for a demonstration on using EMV chip cards. Or learn how to use your EMV credit card here.

What is a Credit Union Service Center?

A Service Center is another credit union or a stand-alone center that has agreed to be a “shared branch” and conduct basic transactions.

What types of transactions can be done at Credit Union Service Centers?

You cannot open a Dominion Credit Union account at a Service Center, but you can make basic transactions like deposits, withdrawals, check your balance, etc. There is no fee for using a Service Center. However, ATMs at some Service Centers may charge a surcharge.

Click here to search for a Service Center near you.

How do I sign up for eStatements for my checking, savings, and certificate accounts?

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Click “Account Services”
  3. Click “eStatements”
  4. Select an account to enroll
  5. Click “Continue” and follow the prompts

How do I sign up for credit card eStatements?

Log into Online Banking using your user ID and password. Once you are logged in, click on the card name listed in blue on the left hand side of the Online Banking main screen. A new window will open. Click on "Online Services" located on the blue line at the top of the screen. Choose "Enroll in eStatements" and follow the prompts.

Please note you will need to have pop-ups enabled.

I signed up for eStatements but never received the email notification that my statement was ready. Why?

We always send email notifications that your eStatements are ready to view. If you are not receiving the notifications, please:

  • Make sure we have the correct email address on file for you
  • Check your email’s junk folder and spam settings
  • Make sure you have not manually opted out of emails from Dominion Credit Union
  • Check that you are opted into eStatements by logging into Online Banking and clicking “Account Services” and then “eStatements”

If none of these solves the issue, you may also call us at 800-268-6928 and we will be happy to double check your settings for you.

Can I get eStatements and still receive my statements by U.S. mail?

No. You may only receive statements in one format.

What are your current rates?

Find account and loan rates here, and find mortgage rates here.

What is the difference between Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and Annual Percentage Yield (APY)?

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate and it is the total cost of credit expressed in a yearly rate including interest and finance charges.

APY is the Annual Percentage Yield reflecting the total amount of dividends paid on a deposit account, based on the dividend rate and the frequency of compounding for a 365-day period.

The key difference is APY is the potential effective yield for deposits and APR is the effective cost/rate for loans.

If I sign up for automatic repayment of my loan, can I get a discounted rate?

We currently offer a .25% APR discount off your loan rate when you sign up for automatic repayment. The .25% APR discount is not available for mortgages and credit cards.

How do I apply for a car loan?

Applying for a car loan is easy:

  • Apply online
  • Log in to Online Banking and click “Loan Applications.” This will take you to the online loan application, where you can click “Apply for a Vehicle Loan.”
  • Fill out an application to apply by mail or fax
  • Call 800.268.6928

How long do I have to wait before I apply for a loan?

No time at all! There is no waiting period before you can take advantage of all our member benefits. The moment you become a member, you can start applying for auto loans, mortgages, and every other service we have to offer.

How do I apply for a mortgage?

Click here to apply for a mortgage. We currently offer first mortgages on primary and second homes in Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio.

How do I get a rebate on my home purchase?

You could be eligible for a cash rebate when you buy and sell your home through the SMARTMOVE® program. SMARTMOVE is a program designed to offer real estate assistance anywhere in the United States.

How do I sign up for Verified by Visa?

Simply visit the Verified by Visa [link to the Verified by VISA page] site and register your card. There is a separate site for both credit cards and debit cards.

How do I check the status of my loan application?

To check the status of your loan application, log on to your application to view it. You can also call us at 800-268-6928.

Do you offer land only or home construction loans?

At this time we do not offer land only or home construction loans.

  • For information on our first mortgages click here [link to mycu mortgage page].
  • To speak to someone in our Mortgage Department please call 866-300-8240.

What is GAP insurance?

When you drive your new or used vehicle off the dealer’s lot it begins to depreciate in value. This could mean that there is a big difference between what you owe on the loan and what your auto insurance will pay in the event of a total loss. In the event of a total loss, GAP insurance pays the difference between the value of your vehicle and what you owe on your loan. It also covers your insurance deductible up to $1,000 and you can receive $500 towards the purchase of a new car.

You can add GAP insurance to your Dominion car loan at any time; just call us at 800-268-6928.

Are all Dominion Employees eligible to join?

Yes. Employees, retirees, and contractors of Dominion and all of its subsidiaries are eligible for membership. Your immediate family and household members are also eligible. Moreover, remember, once a member, always a member. Your account can remain open even if you leave your place of employment.

Do you offer business accounts?

No, at this time we do not offer business accounts.

I am already a member of another Credit Union. Can I be a member of both?

Yes! Think of it as having a financial product menu - you choose the products from each institution that best suit your financial needs.

What is the difference between a Credit Union and a bank?

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that work for the benefit of their member-owners. Banks are for-profit financial institutions that conduct business to maximize the investment return for their stockholders.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, any credit union earnings are given back to you, our members, in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, fewer fees and more great products and services.

Credit unions are democratically controlled and run by a volunteer board of directors elected by and from the membership. At banks, only investors have voting privileges, customers have no authority in the overall governance of their bank.

Who is eligible to join Dominion Credit Union?

Dominion Credit Union membership is open to all employees, retirees and contractors of Dominion and their immediate family and household members. “Once a member, always a member”, even if you change jobs, move or retire.

Click here for a membership application to get started today!

Is Dominion Credit Union federally insured?

Your deposits at Dominion Credit Union are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) which works just like the FDIC. For more information visit www.ncua.gov.

How long do I have to be a member of Dominion Credit Union before I can apply for other products and services?

You can apply for other products and services at the same time you apply for membership. Members are immediately eligible for all of our other products.

Why would I join Dominion Credit Union if I am already a member of another credit union? Can I belong to another credit union?

Yes, you can join more than one credit union. Because membership in Dominion Credit Union is free, it is a smart way to get access to even more great rates and services. You can pick and choose the services that work the best for you.

Plus using credit unions over a bank will save you money with fewer fees, lower loan rates and higher savings rates. In fact, a 2006 report done by CUNA found that high-use Dominion Credit Union households could save $589 a year!

How do I sign up for Money Manager?

If you are a member with Dominion Credit Union then you automatically qualify! To get started, simply sign up for Online Banking or login to your Online Banking account. Once you are signed in, click the Money Manager link on the top menu bar and begin Empowering Your Finances!

If you are not signed up for Online Banking, click "Enroll now" in Online Banking log in box in the top left of the screen.

For more information on how to use Money Manager, click here.

Why should I use Money Manager?

Money Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to see where your money is going, when you're spending your money, and how you can improve your financial outlook. With Money Manager, you can make managing your money enjoyable, educational, and entertaining. It's secure, safe, and easy. Best of all, it's 100% free! You've got nothing to lose, only money to gain!

Is my information secure with Money Manager?

Yes! We use several layers of security to be certain your information is safe. Your personal financial transactions cannot be seen by anyone, not even those of us at Dominion Credit Union. As long as your DCU account number and password are kept safe, your Money Manager data should be as well.

How do I add my Dominion Credit Card to Money Manager?

Due to the way Dominion Credit Union credit card information is sent to Online Banking, you must add your DCU account, which is linked to the credit card as an external account, to Money Manager.

  1. Login to Online Banking and click “Money Manager.”
  2. In the Money Manager dashboard, click “ADD.”
  3. In the Add Account screen, select “ADD IT HERE” within the Dominion Credit Union account panel.
  4. In the Add an Account screen, select “Add accounts with a different login.” Enter your user ID (account number) and password. Then click “Connect.”
  5. You will be prompted to answer one of the challenge questions you previously set up. Enter the answer and then click “CONNECT.”
  6. The next screen will list all of the sub-accounts associated with the account you are adding. In the drop-down box, select “Ignore this account” for any accounts already aggregated.
  7. Locate your credit card and select it in the drop-down menu.
  8. Click “SAVE”

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

To sign up for Online Banking click “Enroll Today!” in the direct Online Banking log in on the top of the page. You will be prompted for account information to sign up. You must enter your name as it appears on your Dominion Credit Union statement.

How do I access Online Banking?

Registered users: The Online Banking login is at the top of each Dominion Credit Union page. Simply enter your user ID and password and click "Log In" to continue the process.

New users: Click on the “Sign Up” link in the Online Banking login box at the top left of the page. Follow the prompts to enroll. Enter your information exactly how it appears on your statement.

How do I get a password?

When you sign up for Online Banking you will create your own password. Your password can contain both alpha and numeric characters and is also case sensitive. The minimum password length is six characters.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you don't know your Online Banking password, click on the "Forgot Password" link under the log in box. As a security measure, Online Banking will allow you five invalid password attempts before you will be locked out. If you are locked out, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

I’ve been locked out of Online Banking, how do I reset my account?

To protect you and your account against identity theft, if you enter the wrong login information multiple times your Online Banking account will be locked. Please call us at 800-268-6928 to unlock your account.

How often should I change my password?

You should change your password frequently and when you believe it has been compromised. Once in Online Banking, you may change your password as often as you like. To change your password, click on "Preferences" and then "Security." From there you will be able to change your password under the "Password" tab.

Can anyone else access my account?

No. Your online account information is available only through access methods that have been rigorously tested for their secure access. The information is not public. Only you can access it using your user ID and password. Unless you share your password, no one else can access your account information online. For more information, visit our Security section.

How many transfers can I make?

Due to the Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions (Reg. D), you are permitted six automatic transfers per month from your Savings accounts. However, there is no limit to the number of transfers from your Checking account.

When do my transactions appear in Online Banking?

Most of your transactions will post immediately to your account. Credit card transactions will take a full business day to appear. All check requests will be mailed by the next business day. You may also schedule future-dated transfers.

Can I make transfers to other Dominion Credit Union accounts?

Yes. If you have requested and been set up for cross-account transfers you will see the accounts listed when you log in to Online Banking.You can also make one-time or scheduled transfers to another member's account in Online Banking.

Yes. You will still receive a paper statement through the mail. However, you may find Online Banking so convenient that you no longer use your paper statement. As an Online Banking user, you are eligible to sign up to receive eStatements. With eStatements, you can view your statements (since 2000) online anytime by logging in to Online Banking.

How do I view recent credit card activity in Online Banking?

Once you are logged into Online Banking click "View Your Visa" on the home page. This will bring up a new window with your credit card account history in it.

Please note:

  • You will need to enable pop-ups.
  • Credit card history will not show up if you click on “View Recent Transactions.”

Having trouble opening View My Visa? If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, trying switching to Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

Do I need to enroll in Mobile Banking before I log in for the first time?

No. Just download the app and use your Online Banking credentials to log in. You do need to enroll in Mobile Deposit in Online Banking, however. In Online Banking, click “Settings,” and then “Mobile Deposit Enrollment” and follow the prompts to enroll.

How do I manage multiple accounts in Online Banking?

Cross accounts will be visible upon logging into Online Banking. Please note, you will need to have cross-account transfer set up to access multiple accounts in Online Banking. Click here for a cross-account transfer form. You will also need to know the Online Banking password of the other account.

Why am I being asked to change my password in Online Banking?

Securing your identity and account information is a top priority. As an additional precaution, Online Banking users will automatically be asked to change their password sometimes.

How do I nickname my accounts in Online Banking?

To help you easily identify your various accounts, you can add account nicknames. This is especially helpful with joint accounts. If you are a joint owner on accounts, the masked account numbers can be confusing to view in the account overview screen. In order to simplify the viewing of these accounts you can add account nicknames. These nicknames will be viewable in online banking, mobile banking, and the mobile banking apps. To setup the nicknames, login to online banking, click on "Account" under Your Preferences in the menu. You can then select the order that the accounts are displayed in the Account Overview.

What is the multi-layer identification system?

The multi-layered security enhancement protects your online Dominion Credit Union accounts with an even higher level of security. This system enables you to verify that you are accessing our secure website.
When logging in to Online Banking, the multi-layered security system uses multiple methods (i.e. user ID, password, Secure Access Code) rather than a single layer (i.e. password and user ID) to establish your identity.

Why do we need a multi-factor security system?

Dominion Credit Union is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information and safeguarding your banking activities when interacting with us online. Online banking scams such as phishing, pharming and spyware have caused some banking customers to lose confidence in the security of online banking and to opt out for more traditional in-person banking methods. Therefore, Dominion Credit Union has taken proactive steps to implement an advanced multi-layered security system. These security enhancements, which follow the most recent FFIEC recommendations, will better protect you against online theft and fraud, thereby providing you with more peace of mind when banking online with Dominion Credit Union.

My spouse is joint on this account. Will they need to set up separate security features?

No, for your convenience the system only requires one enrollment. The person that completes the initial login should share his or her specific information (i.e.: user ID and password) with anyone who is joint on the account. This will enable both users to easily access their account information on future logins.

Can I un-register my device?

Yes. Deleting cookies on your browser settings will un-register that specific device.

Please note: A routine maintenance procedure typically involves deleting your cookies. Simply be aware that following any routine computer maintenance, you may be prompted to register that computer again when you attempt to log in to Dominion Credit Union Online Banking.

What do I do if I need help?

Email the Member Services Department at mycu@dom.com or call at 800.268.6928.

When I login to Online Banking it asks if I would like to register my device. What does this mean?

By registering a device, you are telling the security system that this is your own personal device. Registering a device allows you to bypass the Secure Access Code process. The system will go directly to your account overview after entering your user ID and password. For your protection, we do not recommend registering any device that has multiple users or public access.

Please note, if you delete cookies in your internet browser you will need to re-register your device the next time you log into Online Banking.

I’ve tried to sign up for Online Banking, but it will not accept my information.

Please make sure that you enter your name exactly as it appears on your Dominion Credit Union statement. You should also enter all information in caps. Call us at 800-268-6928 and we will be happy to walk you through the enrollment process.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking allows you to securely access your accounts anytime, anywhere from your mobile web browser.

Which accounts are available through Mobile Banking?

You can view all of your Dominion Credit Union accounts once you are logged in to Mobile Banking.

How can I access Mobile Banking?

Just visit your app store to download the iPhone® or Android™ app. You will be asked for a secure access code the first time. You may want to register your device so you won't get asked each time.

Can I use the same user ID and password that I use for Online Banking?

Yes. To access your Mobile Banking account, use the same user ID and password that you use to access your Online Banking account.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking?

It's free to use Mobile Banking. However, mobile and data rates may apply from your wireless provider.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. Our mobile site has many of the same security features as Online Banking. Just like Online Banking, Mobile Banking leverages the powerful technology available through a digital certificate from Verisign, Inc., protecting the security of the site with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. In addition to the encryption technology, we have installed multiple firewalls to protect your accounts from unauthorized access from outside Dominion Credit Union.

You can also require an authorization code when submitting transactions in Mobile Banking. To configure your authorization code, simply click on "Preferences" and then "Mobile" in Online Banking.

How can I be sure that my information is secure if my phone is lost or stolen?

Users are required to enter a valid user ID and password to access the secure Mobile Banking app. So even if your phone is lost or stolen, your account cannot be accessed without your user ID and password. You can also deactivate Mobile Banking in your Online Banking preferences.

You should contact your wireless service provider to have your device deactivated.We further recommend that you put a password or other security code on your smartphone.

What do I need to have in order to access Mobile Banking?

You will need to have a smartphone or other device with a web browser and Internet connection. You will also need to have signed up for Online Banking and enabled Mobile Banking.

What mobile devices are supported?

You can access Mobile Banking from any Internet-enabled mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle or Nook.

How do I reset my account if I've been locked out of Mobile Banking?

To protect you and your account against identity theft, your Online and Mobile Banking account will be locked if you enter the wrong login information multiple times. Please call us at 800.268.6928 to unlock your account.


What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a FREE service that allows you to deposit a check to your account using a mobile
device. It’s a secure, fast, and convenient method to complete a transaction anytime, anywhere.

What can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

With mobile deposit, you may deposit original checks, cashier’s checks, official checks, U.S. Treasury
checks, or any other payment instruments, drawn on a financial institution within the United States and
payable in U.S. currency that is payable to you.

Which accounts accept Mobile Deposit?

All Dominion Credit Union savings accounts (including Basic Savings, Christmas Club, Wealth Builder, and
Wealth Maximizer accounts) and checking accounts are eligible for Mobile Deposit.

How do I use mobile deposit?

To launch Mobile Banking for the first time:

  1. Enroll in Online Banking using the purple box in the top left of this website.
  2. In Online Banking, click “Settings,” and then “Mobile Deposit Enrollment” and follow the prompts to enroll.
  3. Download the Dominion Credit Union app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. (Search “Dominion Credit Union” in your app store.)
  4. Open the Dominion Credit Union app on your mobile device.
  5. Log in using your Online Banking username and password.

To learn how to make a mobile deposit, click here.

Make sure to wait for confirmation that your transaction is complete. Please note that the amount will not immediately appear in your account activity. You may check the status of your deposit by phone or by Online or Mobile Banking. You will receive an email if the deposit is declined after it has been accepted by Mobile Banking.

How many checks can I deposit through mobile deposit?

You can only deposit 1 check at a time. You can deposit up to 5 checks a day or 20 checks a month.

How much money can I deposit with mobile deposit?

$2,500 is the most you can deposit per check through mobile deposit. You can deposit up to $2,500 per

How do I know if my mobile deposit has been completed?

A confirmation page will appear on your phone letting you know that your check deposited successfully. Standard check holds will apply. You can view the deposit in your transaction history.

When will money deposited with mobile deposit be available?

Your account will be credited by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the current business day if the deposit is
made by 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If the deposit is made after 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, your account will
be credited on the next business day by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. (Business days are Monday through
Friday, except holidays.)

Why am I unable to deposit my check?

  • Is your check legible? Check images should not be too dark, reflective, or blurry. Each check
    image must include the front and back of the check. The following information must be clearly
    readable: amount, payee name, drawer signature, date, check number, account number,
    routing and transit number, MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) line, and any
    endorsement or other information written on the check.
  • Are you using an approved device? Your device may not be approved for mobile capture. At
    present, the supported Mobile Devices are iPhones, iPads, and phones and tablets using Android
    OS and that allow the Dominion Credit Union app to be added.
  • Does the check amount match the amount you entered? Make sure you have not made an error
    in entering the dollar amount of your check.
  • Did you already submit your check? A check cannot be submitted twice.
  • Are all four corners of the check visible? Mobile capture may not allow folded, torn, or cropped
    check corners.
  • Did you endorse your check? You must sign the back of the check.

What are the fees and restrictions for mobile deposit?

Mobile deposit is a FREE service! Online Banking and Mobile Banking, which are required for Mobile
Deposit, are also FREE!

Please note, however, that standard checking holds and fees will apply. For example, overdraft fees
when a transaction is made with nonsufficient funds apply. For a full description of checking fees, please
see the Membership Agreement and Disclosures. Please see the Mobile Deposit Terms and Conditions
for a full list of restrictions on mobile deposit.

What do I do with my check after I use mobile deposit?

Check your account statement to make sure the deposit has been credited to your account. Keep your
check in a secure location for 14 days from the date you made the deposit. Then shred or destroy the

What happens if I see an error with my mobile deposit?

You must notify the Credit Union of any suspected errors regarding checks deposited through Mobile
Deposit within 60 days after the Credit Union account statement is sent to you with the error. As with all
account errors, we will not make changes to your statement more than 60 days after it is sent to you.

Is Mobile Deposit safe and secure?

Yes! Our mobile site has the same security features as Online Banking. Just like Online Banking, Mobile
Banking and Mobile Deposit take advantage of the powerful technology available through a digital
certificate from Verisign, Inc., protecting the security of the site with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit
encryption. In addition to the encryption technology, we have installed multiple firewalls to protect your
accounts from unauthorized access from outside the Credit Union.

What are mobile wallets?

Mobile wallets are a form of contactless, secure payments on devices using an NFC-enabled smartphone.

What kind of phone do I need to use mobile wallets?

Google Wallet's Tap and Pay works on Android devices running 4.4 (KitKat) or higher on any carrier network. Not all devices running KitKat will support Tap and Pay. For the most up-to-date information, visit google.com/wallet.

Apply Pay works on Apple devices operating with iOS 8.1 or later. For the most up-to-date information, visit apple.com/apple-pay.

Android Pay works on all Android smartphones and tablets with KitKat 4.4+. For the most up-to-date information, visit android.com/pay.

Samsung Pay works on Samsung Galaxy S6® and S6 Edge® devices  and Samsung Galaxy Note® 5 with Android Lollipop+. For the most up-to-date information, visit samsung.com/us/samsung-pay.

How do I activate Mobile Wallets?

Google Wallet:

  1. Go to your phone’s “Settings” and touch “More settings.”
  2. Make sure NFC is turned “On.”
  3. Go back to Settings and check for a “Tap and Pay” option in the menu. If there is one, you can start adding cards to your Google Wallet.

Apple Pay:

  • Add cards on iPhone 6 or newer within the Wallet app. Just tap the plus sign and follow the onscreen instructions, OR:
  • On iPad Air 2 or newer and iPad mini 3 or newer, start by opening Settings, tap "Passbook & Apple Pay", then tap "Add Credit or Debit Card".
  • For Apple Watches, please add your card using the steps above. You will then be promoted to add it to your watch.

Android Pay:

  1. Download the Android Pay app from Google Play
  2. Add your credit or debit card by taking a picture and confirming the details

Samsung Pay:

  1. Download the Samsung Pay app from Google Play
  2. Follow the prompts to link your Samsung Pay account and set up touch identification or a PIN
  3. Touch “Add a credit or debit card” and follow the prompts to take a picture and confirm your card details

How do I use mobile wallets?

Look for the Tap and Pay, Apple Pay, or contactless icons when you check out at a store. Check with the vendor to make sure the terminal is enabled for contactless payments. Hold your phone to the contactless reader.

For Google Wallet, select the card you want to use.

For Apple Pay, keep your finger on Touch ID without pressing it. If you want to pay with a card other than your default card, don't put your finger on Touch ID, wait for the card image to appear, and then tap it to pull up your list of cards.

Are mobile wallets secure?

Yes—more secure than magnetic stripes! It replaces actual data on the physical card (i.e. the credit card number) with “virtual data,” or a secure token from VISA®. Even if hackers steal tokens, they will not be able to obtain other data associated with your card. The information is useless without your device and the device’s secure log-in information (i.e. your phone’s PIN). If a large retailer’s database is hacked, this principle still applies: the token will be useless without the phone and its user. 

You only have to enter your card once when using Android Pay or Android Pay. Aside from that, your card number is not stored anywhere on the phone, but rather replaced by a non-sensitive “token” that is used to transact.

What is the difference between Google Wallet and Android Pay?

Google Wallet has become exclusive to person-to-person (P2P) payments whereas Android Pay can be used for consumers who wish to make in-store and online purchases.

Can I load the same card on two phones?


How do you set a default card?

Apple Pay:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad that's compatible with Apple Pay.
  2. Tap on Passbook & Apple Pay.
  3. Tap on Default Card.
  4. Tap on the card you want to use as your default.

Android Pay:

  1. Open the Android Pay app.
  2. If you have multiple Google Accounts in Android Pay: At the top left, touch your name, then choose an account.
  3. Double tap a card, then touch Set as default card.
  4. Or touch and drag a card to the "Default card" spot at the top of the app's Home screen.

Samsung Pay:

The last-used card will always appear. Tap to select a different card.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

Every mobile wallet secures your card information by encryption or protected code. Mobile wallets are also protected by phone passcodes, PIN before purchase options, and the ability to disable the app remotely. Set up biometric identification, a PIN, or other authentication method to control access to the app.

If someone stole your phone, that person would need your phone’s password (or biometric identification, PIN, etc.) before s/he could make a payment. Your phone’s password is independent of the mobile wallet and in addition to the authentication required for mobile payments.

If your phone is lost or stolen, each mobile payment solution can be shut down remotely.

  • Apple Pay: Use the Find My iPhone app on another Apple device or sign in to icloud.com/find to find your device and turn on Lost Mode, which suspends Apple Pay payments.
  • Android Pay: Use Android Device Manager to lock your device from anywhere, set up a new password, or erase your phone’s personal information.
  • Google Wallet: Use myaccount.google.com to remove access to your account on the lost device from anywhere.
  • Samsung Pay: Use the Samsung Find My Mobile service to remotely lock your device from anywhere, erase your payment cards in the Samsung Pay app, or erase your phone’s entire storage.

If I delete the email or text message with instructions from my first Popmoney payment, what should I do?

If the person receiving an email or text message with Popmoney instructions deletes the message before registering, there is no way to resend the message. The sender should cancel the original transaction and recreate the payment.

What is the maximum amount I can send through Popmoney?

The maximum amount you can send using Popmoney is up to $500 available the next day, depending on your credit qualifications. Larger amounts can be sent, although they will have a three-day hold. During the course of a week, the maximum amount that can be sent is up to $10,000 based on your credit.

How do I sign up for Popmoney?

Once you are signed up for Bill Payer, you can use Popmoney.

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click “Bill Payer”
  3. Click “Bill Payments”
  4. Click “More Options”
  5. Click “Visit Bill Pay Site”
  6. Follow the prompts in the Popmoney tab to make a payment

What is Federal Regulation D?

Federal Regulation D limits the number of certain types of withdrawals that a financial institution may allow a member to make from their savings or money market account. You may make no more than six of these types of transfers or withdrawals per month from each account. Once the limit of six (6) is met, additional transactions of these types may not be processed. Overdraft protection requests may also not be honored.

Transactions affected by this regulation include:

  • Automatic transfers (ACH) withdrawals from savings
  • Overdraft transfers to checking from savings/money market
  • Phone or email transfers from savings/money market
  • Online banking transfers from savings/money market

You are allowed six (6) such transfers per month, per account.

For transactions NOT affected by regulation D, see below.

For assistance in making changes to your accounts to avoid any inconvenience in the future, contact Member Services at 800-268-6928.

What transactions are not affected by Federal Regulation D?

Transactions NOT affected by regulation D:

  • ATM Transactions
  • In-person branch transactions
  • Transfers from savings to loans
  • Mail transactions
  • Direct Deposit, payroll deduction
  • Phone requests for withdrawal check to be sent to member

What are my options once an account has reached its Regulation D limit?

You may complete withdrawals and transfers in person, by mail, or at an ATM.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Dominion Credit Union scholarship?

To be eligible for the Dominion Credit Union scholarship, the applicant must be:

  • A member of Dominion Credit Union or an immediate family or household member of a Dominion Credit Union member.
  • A graduating high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A rising college freshman attending an accredited college or university during the upcoming academic year.
  • For more information on the scholarship program, click here.

How do I apply for a Dominion Credit Union scholarship?

Scholarship applications are available online in January of each year. Applications must be submitted online. Please note an official high school transcript will be required as part of the application process. We recommend that applicants apply and request transcripts early to avoid any possible delays. For more information on the scholarship program, click here.

What are the fees for a wire transfer?

Click here for our current wire transfer fees.

How do I request a wire transfer?

We must have a signed Wire Transfer Agreement on file before we will wire funds from a member’s account. Click here for a Wire Transfer Agreement form. Once you have a form on file, simply call us to request a wire transfer.

How can I send or transfer cash to other accounts?

You can transfer cash to your family members safely and securely with any of our convenient options:

  • Account-to-account transfers: Transfer funds from your checking account here to a checking, savings, or money market account at another bank or credit union, and vice versa
  • Popmoney: Send money to anyone in the United States regardless of where they bank and receive money directly into your checking account
  • Cross account transfers: Transfer between your Credit Union account and another member’s account

How do I send a wire transfer to my Dominion Credit Union account?

To send a wire transfer to your Dominion Credit Union account, you will need the following information:

  • Send to:
    Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union
    1201 Fulling Mill Road, Middletown, PA 17057
  • For further credit to:
    Dominion Credit Union
  • For final credit to:
    Your name
    Your Dominion Credit Union Account Number

How much does it cost to transfer money from my Dominion Credit Union account to an external account?

The charge for an account-to-account transfer from your Dominion account to an external account is $2. There is no charge to transfer money from an external account to your Dominion account.

How do I make a transfer?

To transfer funds between your Dominion Credit Union accounts you can:

  • Log into Online Banking, select “Transactions” and click “Funds Transfer.” You can do an immediate transfer or schedule the funds to transfer on a specific date. Transfers can be set up for one time or recurring.
  • Call us at 800-268-6928 and we will be happy to transfer the funds for you.
  • Transfer funds at any ATM.
  • You may also do transfers through our Private Teller phone service.

How do I sign up for cross account transfer?

To transfer between your Credit Union account and another member’s account you will need to sign up for cross account transfer. Click here to sign up for cross account transfer. You must be primary or joint on the sending account to make a cross account transfer.

Once you sign up for cross account transfer, transfers can be made through Online Banking or by calling our Member Service Department at 800-268-6928.

How do I make an Account-to-Account External Transfer?

In Online Banking, simply click “Bill Payer," "Bill Payments," and then the "Transfers" tab. You can transfer funds from your checking account here to a checking, savings, or money market account at another bank or credit union, and vice versa.

  • Easy to set up
  • Free inbound transfers
  • Minimal fee for outgoing transfers - only $2.00 each
  • Transfers typically take 1-3 days to complete

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