System upgrade coming April 30!

Changing our systems. Charging your future.

Through the years we've implemented many updates to keep up with technological advancements. But, after 20 years, it's time for a major upgrade! To better serve you, this spring we'll be upgrading our operating system.

This upgrade is scheduled to take place starting at 5 pm, Wednesday, April 30 so we can be open and ready to serve you on Monday, May 5.

During the conversion, access your accounts via:
Checks, ATM/Debit Card and Visa® Credit Card

This powerful new computer system will allow for:

  • Quicker account opening
  • Faster call center and teller service
  • More products and features

Services will be limited during our system upgrade starting at 5 pm, Wednesday, April 30 through 7 am, Monday, May 5. Online/Mobile Banking will be down on Saturday, May 3. History will be temporarily limited to the April 30 cutoff.

We appreciate your patience as we make this important upgrade. We know that you may have questions during the conversion. We’re here to help. Please call Member Services at 800-268-6928 or email

Plan ahead!

Please note: Dominion payroll items will be posted as normal.

You will be able to: write checks, use your ATM or debit card, get cash at ATMs and get cash back at many merchants. You can also use your Visa credit card as usual.

If you would like to get an ATM or debit card prior to conversion for easy access to your cash, please contact us. Otherwise, plan to get any cash for the four-day weekend in advance.


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